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2016 Companies

Spring Cohort



Engaging educational games that help students.

Core Learning Exchange


Personalized learning made easy.



Life is worth recording.

Known Factors


Delivering the Business Intelligence you need, when you need it.

Rovi Tracker

Remote monitoring & management solution.



Simplifying sales.



Turnkey eCommerce, fulfillment and eMarketing solutions for grocers.



Real-time utility tracking that saves you money, while saving the planet.



Learn Chinese characters the smart way.

2015 Companies

EdTech Cohort

7 Generation Games


Games that make you smarter.



The traditional coupon book. Finally on an app.



Projects that inspire greatness in students.



Understanding how you learn.



Time for a new way read.



Crowdsourcing platform that helps students prepare for writing examinations.



Writing made easy.



White-label, online language tutoring service for brick and mortar language schools.


GenTech Cohort

Flying Software Labs

Operational management solutions for aviation companies

Simple Citizen

Complete immigration applications quickly and correctly.


Hotel-level keyless service

COVR Healthcare

Budget & Cost Based Scheduling Software


Performance Assessment Tool


World’s Easiest Quilt Design Platform

T3S Technologies


Providing a revolutionary recombinant protein expression platform

Reply Pro


The easiest way to reply to reviews

2014 Companies

Park City Campus


Turning lives around
Web: assessments.com


Ardusat Logo
Engaging students in science and space
Web: ardusat.com


Engaging Driving Safety Solutions
Web: www.drivingsafetytraining.com


Brilliant Home HVAC System
Web: www.linqhome.com


Enhanced Content. Greater Return.
Web: ovrhd.com

Salt Lake City Campus

Wear My Tags

Supply chain integration
Web: wearmytags.com


Mobile health technology platform
Web: www.promd.co


Student housing renting made easy
Web: myroomchoice.com


Just-in-time solutions for hotels to monetize their guests
Web: smartstay.io


Uniquely tailored ads for auto dealers
Web: adamaticsolutions.com


Auditing software for professionals
Web: suralink.com

Provo Campus


GrassWire logo
A real-time newsroom seeded & fact-checked by everybody.
Web: grasswire.com


Job Piper logo
eHarmony for jobs, data driven matching.
Web: jobpiper.com

Lion Heart Innovations

Liohn Heart Innovations Logo
Tools & community for caregivers.
Web: lionheartinnovations.com

Mura Interactive

Mura Interactive
Innovative music-driven games.
Web: dubwarsgame.com

Novi Security

Novi Security Logo
Simplified home security.
Web: novisecurity.com

2013 Alumni

Salt Lake City Campus

Asthma Tracker

The eAsthma Tracker is a tracking tool designed to help patients in self-assessment and monitoring of their chronic asthma symptoms to facilitate early identification of deteriorations in asthma control in order to prevent severe asthma exacerbations. It generates asthma control score on a longitudinal graph and immediately prompts patients and/or parents/guardians when they are doing well, or when an action or a visit to the Primary Care Doctor is needed.
Web: asthmatracker.utah.edu


Create interactive digital publications, magazines, brochures, presentations and blogs quick and easy. Users provide the content, CitizenDish will provide the one of a kind platform.
Web: citizendish.com

The Indicators of School Quality (ISQ)

The Indicators of School Quality (ISQ) is a comprehensive survey system for school administrators to evaluate and monitor school improvement and accreditation efforts. ISQ is supported by research conducted in thousands of schools and summarizes the perceptions of parents, teachers, students, and other school staff regarding school quality.
Web: isqk12.com


MapItTrackIt provides real time, location-based tracking, reporting, and intelligence for door to door and team canvassing efforts. Easily integrate with your CRM to automatically manage data, increase communication, and even track team statistics.
Web: mapittrackit.com

Tute Genomics

Whole genome sequencing is transforming research & medicine. Researchers and laboratories are getting flooded with high-throughput genetics data sets, but the ability to infer biological insights and guide decision making lag behind significantly. There is an urgent need for tools to analyze genetic variants from personal genomes in research and in clinical settings. Tute Genomics is solving this problem with a web-based clinical genome interpretation engine.
Web: tutegenomics.com

Provo Campus


Pivitr is a home for indie and established companies wanting to launch their innovative products. Pivitr is full of products, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of every day people.
Web: pivitr.com


By focusing on a mobile-first strategy, Vicci alleviates merchandise bottlenecking at concerts and events. Our app allows fans to check in and unlock tour exclusive merchandise, and purchase directly from their phone. No more lines, no more hassle, just a direct link for fans to connect with artists through merch. Once we have proven our mobile strategy of eliminating bottlenecking, being the centralized hub for merchandise is where phase 2 comes in to play; centralizing merchandise purchases as the Amazon of event merchandising.
Web: iamvicci.com


Studio, is a mobile social design platform that allows users to create, share and ‘reuse’ designs. Distributed solely on the iTunes App Store, users can download Studio for free and create their designs. Connecting with friends allows you to view, comment and like designs. If you really like your friends design you can reuse it for your own design piece. Users can also post the image to there favorite social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Studio takes mobile design to the next level with social co-creation.
Web: madewithstudio.com


Panx Solutions offers a unique hardware and software solution that will accurately locate a person or asset in large buildings with many rooms and floors. This technology will also have a localized duress feature for peace of mind in these buildings. At first this solution will meet the demand of hospitals and hotels but will hope to expand to more industries and offer wider coverage in the near future.
Web: panxsolutions.com


Screenie provides screening and hiring solutions to fast growing companies. We utilize video interviewing technology to help companies identify, screen, and hire the best talent faster than ever before. Our multiple step screening process is unlike anything else on the market and completely eliminates wasted time on reviewing resumes, scheduling, and early stage interviews.
Web: screenie.com


TheDressSpot.com is an innovative retail search experience that serves up a massive, web-wide inventory. Utilizing a powerful new search technology, users can filter to exact hues instantly while immersed in a smooth user experience like Pinterest’s. The Dress Spot increases retail sales by quickly getting users to the perfect purchase.
Web: TheDressSpot.com

2012 Alumni

Blueroof 360

was founded with the idea of providing real estate brokers with easy-to-use online tools to help their agents make effective use of the Internet to grow their businesses. The tools we provide include a professionally-designed, custom personal website with: interactive MLS map search, client management, email marketing, blog, mobile site, and market analysis tools.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


gives businesses real-time access to customers by releasing special offers. Through the CityGro platform, businesses can build a network of customers who receive live mobile updates for each promotion they run. Over 1500 businesses are currently connecting with more than 20,000 consumers at CityGro.com
Status: Active Funded: Yes


is a local event discovery portal that enables users to discover and attend the hundreds of interesting and relevant events going on all around them. Whether you are looking for date ideas, an afternoon activity with the kids, professional conferences, or outdoor adventures, you’ll find it all in one place. Stay in the know and on the go with CitySpark!
Status: Active Funded: Yes


is revolutionizing the basic human need for romantic relationships by reducing the awkwardness and complexity of matchmaking. The game-changing service — distributed through web, mobile, and social platforms — facilitates the latent matchmaker in all of us, helping us match up the people we know with the people they don’t. Because everyone deserves an ideal match
Status: Active Funded: Yes


simplifies and automates the current antiquated practice of professional referral passing.
Status: Active Funded: No

Text Me Tix

has unique relationships with various ticket vendors allowing us to create awesome last minute deals to send to you just in the nick of time. It’s always free and we’ll never spam you! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and deals.
Status: Active Funded: No


provides Guest Intelligence software for hotels. The software gives the ability for hotels to truly learn a guests likes and dislikes, thus providing an advantage for the hotels to make a special, one of a kind experience for their customer and deliver personalized marketing offers. It combines online interactions, social data, on-property information, comment cards and more into a comprehensive guest experience profile that can deliver personalized recommendations, predictions, and offers…
Status: Active Funded: No


offers online guaranteed parking reservations for large, downtown events within walking distance of multiple venues such as sports arenas, theaters, restaurants etc. Event attendees no longer need to show up hours in advance to get a decent parking space at events or carry around extra cash to pay parking attendants. They can now simply reserve a close spot at XoomPark.com and show up right at event time to claim their spot.
Status: Active Funded: Yes

2011 Alumni


is a new social media platform that will allow direct to home sales and service companies to “check in” at the customers home and encourage testimonials from the customer as well as referrals.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


is an online gaming community for kids that combines fitness with “mom-friendly” security features.
Status: Failed Funded: Yes


is a mobile application that allows consumers to load coupons that they intend to use into their phones and then redeem them from the mobile device at the merchant point of sale.
Status: Failed Funded: Yes


is a social utility that allows people to search, add, and share outdoor locations for various activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and climbing.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


uses facial recognition to turn facial images and videos into qualified business leads.
Status: Failed Funded: no


is a new take on the tee sheet and POS for golf courses that brings new opportunities to market, grow, and build revenue for the course.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


is eBay for private instruction. Our online marketplace enables anyone to turn their talents into income.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


provides consumers a one-stop-shop for their city’s top daily deals.
Status: Failed Funded: No

OER Glue

delivers authentic learning experiences via mashups created by integrating popular web services, page snippets, images, videos, flash, and applets from any web site, drag and drop editing, Google Docs and custom search over collections of learning resources. OER Glue is now OpenTapestry.
Status: Active Funded: No


introduces patients to therapists via an online marketplace and allows therapists to manage their practice through a simple patient management service.
Status: Active Funded: Yes

2010 Alumni


is iTunes for business data. 3PointData creates an online marketplace where others can sell their data. In real time, buyers can stream data into their spreadsheets, databases, and web applications.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


is an SMS database platform that helps microfinance institutions’ field agents update customer accounts, send electronic receipts, and arrange for product delivery, all through mobile phones.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


enables any site to define and automatically award public badges and points to their users when specific actions are performed.
Status: Active Funded: Yes

Case Rover

is an online platform targeted at U.S. litigation support and compliance markets. It specializes in software solutions, integration, security and maintenance for companies and government agencies.
Status: Failed Funded: Yes

Fashion Genome Project

aims to be the next big thing in online clothes shopping, using revolutionary technology to eliminate the pain points and unpredictable results that usually come in the process.
Status: Failed Funded: Yes


provides an online authoring system for do-it-yourself mobile publishing, with an initial focus on interactive, animated children’s books for the Apple iPad and iPhone.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


is like SkyMiles for restaurants. It helps consumers simplify their wallet by replacing traditional loyalty cards with virtual cards that can be tracked, traded, redeemed and stored on a mobile device.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


creates network and browser deployed applications of engagement for conventions and hotels to improve the branding experience and increase sales.
Status: Failed Funded: Yes


is a political website that allows an individual to communicate with their elected officials. Politicians can engage with their constituents, get real feedback on legislation, and clarify positions and voting.
Status: Active Funded: Yes


helps publishers, advertisers, and marketers measure in detail how consumers interact with their offline content via text messaging to engage customers.
Status: Active Funded: Yes