7 December 2016 | By: Scott Campbell


As any student can attest, the experience of test-taking can be nerve wracking. Anxiety levels for educators and students increase during test preparation programs that simulate test-taking environments. Cleverywhere, a BoomStartup Spring 2016 graduate, removes the nerves for all parties through their educational learning games that increase student engagement and motivation both during and after school.

Cleverywhere, which has joint offices in Salt Lake City and New York City, delivers detailed data and analytics to help students, parents, and educators understand what areas of learning a student should focus on when preparing for exams.

They have closed three school districts – two in New Jersey and one in California – that will be using their games beginning in January 2017. In addition, Cleverywhere has closed a $600,000 seed round, while surpassing $54,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

“The BoomStartup accelerator offered Cleverywhere a special opportunity to intensely analyze my company and refine our vision and product strategy,” said Clancy Marshall, CEO and founder of Cleverywhere. “Our goal is to provide games accessible by any student in every corner of the nation.

ThemePARCC, Cleverywhere’s first game, is developed to prepare students in grades 3-8 for the PARCC test. The game enables students to create an avatar to fight monsters, earn a pet, and rebuild an old, dilapidated theme park to its original glory to win the game.

You can hear Clancy discussing her BoomStartup experience and Cleverywhere’s growth on KCPW’s The Bottom Line podcast.