23 May 2016  | By Scott Campbell

ZizzleIt’s been a swift first four weeks for our Spring 2016 cohort, none more so than for Zizzle’s team from Munich, Germany,  who while developing their elevator pitch, business model canvas and establishing mentor relationships has begun the process of establishing a satellite office in Salt Lake City. They are searching for an American co-founder to manage U.S. operations and their satellite office. Please contact Lukas Lohove, lukas.lohove@zizzle-app.com with potential candidates.

“BoomStartup has been a fantastic experience so far,” Lukas Lohove, Zizzle CEO said. “We’re very impressed with the entrepreneur ecosystem in Utah. This great network has made the transition from Germany a very smooth process.”
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.05.36 AM
Zizzle also secured it’s first U.S. beta test with Cascade Elementary’s Chinese Immersion Program in Orem.

Zizzle tells stories through pictures for each of the over 3,000 Chinese characters, allowing the 150 million foreign learners of Chinese an effective, time-saving and motivating way to learn Chinese characters.

Check out the Zizzle Elevator Pitch & Demo below.