9 November 2015  | By Scott Campbell

Potentially the biggest challenge for early-stage startups is how to invest money in marketing. As Aaron Holland, CEO of Holland Media Group, taught the BoomStartup EdTech cohort, “marketing is where money goes to die.”

Holland, who also works as the VP of Marketing for the Utah Chapter American Marketing Association, led the cohort through a course on growth marketing strategies. In addition, he has been an individual mentor for several companies.

“From his course, Aaron suggested that we think about what the top-10 questions our customers are asking and write about that,” Peter Glenn CrowdSchool CEO said. “I actually started writing a blog post about those questions and generated a lead from a school district with 25,000 students who we’ve begun negotiations with.”

“Aaron is a smart growth hacker,” Adi Thacker WriteWell CEO said. “With his guidance we have found some smart channels to acquire users very cost effectively for WriteWell.”

Holland finds great worth in mentoring. “Mentoring at Boom Startup has been a rewarding experience,” Holland said. “Looking back at my own career, I wish I had a network of mentors to support and enable me while working on the startups I have been a part of. Helping others learn from my experiences and more importantly my failures has been extremely fulfilling. I look forward to the development and success of all the companies in the first EdTech cohort.”