19 July 2016 | By: Scott Campbell

bill benz

Altruistic mentors that are driven to help companies find success in their early-stages make up the core of BoomStartup’s mentor pool.

William Benz, CEO of Accelerum Advisors has spent over 30 years as an executive in financial and administrative positions working with large and small companies in both the public and private sectors. He’s tirelessly worked with several of the companies in both our GenTech Spring 2016 and GovTech Spring 2016 cohorts.

“Bill’s years of experience in successful corporations of all sizes, puts him in the unique position of being able to help with everything from sales and marketing messaging to complex financial models,” Joe LowrySales Bridge CEO said. “Trevor and I have truly enjoyed our time with Bill and implement his counsel on a regular basis.”

“Bill Benz was able to put some structure to how we could proceed to improve our financial picture as we move forward,” Harrison Lazarus, Lazarus Medical Technologies CEO said. “He has provided valuable input to our application for a grant from the National Science Foundation.”

“After serving as a CFO for large companies for over 30 years, it’s very refreshing (and considerably more fun) to be a mentor to the founders of these exciting young companies and to help them with the challenges they face,” Benz said. “Utah has such a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and I love being a part of it. It’s very satisfying to be able to give back, and mentoring is a great way to do that.”