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NOW CFO is a full service outsourced CFO, operational accounting, and financial consulting services firm with singular focus on helping companies succeed. There advisers are skilled professionals with extensive experience in financial reporting and management who fix the accounting and finance problems all companies face.

NOW CFO has built a reputation as talented management consultants and financial analysts with an entrepreneurial spirit and focus. They bring these same qualities to their clients to help create continued success and growth.

“Our companies have been fortunate to work with the expert professionals at NOW CFO,” Sumner Douglas, BoomStartup Partner said. “There ability to educate and consult companiesĀ on financial reporting, accounting and other fundamental financial functions that all startups need was indispensable.”

“NOW CFO loves working with startups because we can provide the full range of accounting needs for startups from the basic bookkeeping and set ups to advanced transactional projections and consulting,” Chris Badger, NOW CFO Partner. “NOW CFO offers experienced CFO’s that will do an outstanding job in operational, strategic and funding transaction projects.”

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