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Tinker Ventures is a product development agency and venture studio focused on helping founders turn their vision into a reality. Their team comprises former tech entrepreneurs that believe the traditional agency model does a disservice to startups. Tinker was formed to be a startup advocate. Over the last 10 years, Tinker has built over 750 products and recruited 100+ experts in product strategy, UX/ UI design, web / mobile engineering and testing. They have refined a world-class development process that leverages on-shore and off-shore resources to rapidly build amazing products at affordable rates.

Tinker does outstanding development work and is truly an advocate for entrepreneurs and their companies during growth stages,” Sumner Douglas, BoomStartup Partner said. “They have a highly-qualified, experienced team and employ the same agile development methodologies that we teach at BoomStartup.”

“We founded Tinker to help startups build great software products, because as former tech founders ourselves, we believe traditional software development agencies underserve needs of startups,” Erin Valenti, Tinker Ventures Managing Director said. “We have a created a unique product development process tailored to the unique needs of a startup.”

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