We are an open accelerator program for entrepreneurs seeking community, expert advice, and funding that takes businesses to the next level.

The power within our community.

Creating a successful business is hard. Get the right help, at any time.

BoomStartup is an open accelerator program designed to grow businesses that are willing to commit with grit. We help founders improve outcomes through our supportive community of experts, mentors, and sponsors. We identify areas for growth and provide the know-how to take your business to the next level.

BoomStartup stays in touch with quarterly check-ins while companies gain ground, and when the timing is right, we invite select startups to participate in our investment program.

BoomStartup blends the flexibility and educational support native to online platforms with human encouragement and hands-on expertise from our diverse business community. The result? An action-oriented, change-making ecosystem that provides an optimal path to success for startups.

History of Boom

  • BoomStartup accelerator founded in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • BoomStartup transforms from on-location periodic cohorts to perpetual online programs
  • Assure acquires BoomStartup

    Glassboard Technology founded to create SPV platform
  • Over 3,000 entrepreneurs participated on BoomStartup platform

    BoomStartup graduates raise over $55M in capital

    BoomStartup community has over 100 mentors, investors, experts, sponsors
  • BoomStartup supported 1,000 companies with business maturity guidance, investment preparation, capital structuring, and investment strategies

    18 of BoomStartup's founders raised $9.7M in funding over 22 pre-seed and seed investment rounds

Backed by

Assure and BoomStartup go together like peanut butter and jelly. Assure was founded in 2012 and is the leading provider of administrative and transaction services for the private investment marketplace. BoomStartup is working to help startups realize their potential and become excellent investment opportunities.

Assure is the industry leader in structuring Special Purpose Vehicles, and Angel investors credit Assure for creating the fast, affordable SPV. Assure plays a key role in the democratization of private investing. They have decreased the cost of SPVs by 90%, making it possible for more investors to invest in more companies.

Assure’s mission is to nearly eliminate the structuring and administration expense of investing in private assets. Assure provides a “one stop shop” for the tax, legal, accounting, and compliance service via their online platform Glassboard, coupling technology with professional services.

With the acquisition of BoomStartup, Assure now offers comprehensive platform services to founders, companies, investors, and deal organizers with a full suite of solutions and services applicable throughout the entire venture life cycle from idea to exit.

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