Friday, March 18
9:00am – 10:15am MT
Hosted virtually over Zoom

Showcasing BoomStartup's Rising Stars

AmplifyUp connects angel investors to high-growth potential startups.

BoomStartup’s angel investment community is eager to get in early with high-potential companies. AmplifyUp Demo Day enables investors to meet our startup graduates. Investors may participate in their pre-seed investment round.

The AmplifyUp Demo Day kicks off the investment process where investors can hear the introductory pitch and then connect with the founders over the next three weeks to go through diligence and review. At the end of the program, an SPV is set up for the interested investors to participate in.

All demo day investor attendees must register, there is no investment obligation to attend. All investors must be accredited.

  • 9:00am

    Introduction and welcome to AmplifyUp

  • 9:15am

    Team 1 pitch, Q&A

  • 9:45am

    Team 2 pitch, Q&A

  • 10:15am

    Program concludes

Meet Our Graduates

These two companies will present a live, 15-minute introduction pitch and then there well be an open 15-minute Q&A with the attending investors. Once you register, BoomStartup will send you the investor one-page summary. If you are interested in hearing their pitch but can not attend the program, register anyways and we will send you a copy of the recording.

Prop Tech

Rental housing platform targeting Latin America achieving a 70% Annual Growth Rate penetrating a $16Bn USD market growing at a 7% CAGR.

Marketing Platform

SaaS influencer marketing platform to save time and money for small and midsize e-commerce brands, in a $40Bn USD market growing at a 30% CAGR.

AmplifyUp is an Invitation-only Funding Program.

AmplifyUp is a unique opportunity for investors to engage in startups that have been actively participating in various BoomStartup programs. The founders who are selected to participate in Demo Day have been advised on business operations and funding readiness and have received our mentoring over the past several months. These companies have hit an inflection point where BoomStartup believes that their raise is reasonable and timed right.

As a service to our mentor investor community, BoomStartup will provide participation and growth data that we’ve been tracking on each startup. We also have ensured that their diligence package is ready for investors to review.

Demo Day Begins In:


Fundraising Through


By participating in this program, you agree to follow this process and the BoomStartup investment rules. Questions? Contact us.

The investments are made through SPVs adhering to 506(b) regulations. All investors will be screened when they add their bank account into the SPV platform.

Unlike other accelerators, BoomStartup’s demo day kicks off the diligence and mentoring window where the founders and interested investors initially meet and then set up meetings over the following three weeks to see if there’s investor interest and investment alignment. 

Investors will hear each startup’s 15-minute pitch and then get the chance for a 15-minute Q&A followed by a chance to see demos during lunch. Investors will then answer a survey that rates their interest in the deal and ask for a check size amount for an Investment Carve Out for this round.

Investors must complete the survey. If the investor does not commit any dollars to the carveout, then the investor is passing on the investment opportunity and foregoes any future investment opportunity on this round.

The investor will not invest outside of the BoomStartup SPV or else they will loose all opportunities to review and participate in future investment opportunities associated with BoomStartup companies.

Due to the nature that we are quickly raising and closing a round for these startups, investors have until March 22 at 6pm MT to commit their investment allocation carveout.

Investment Carve Outs DOES NOT commit investors to funding the startup.

Carve Outs allow BoomStartup to calculate what the high end of the raise will be. BoomStartup will then work with the startup on how to work with this raise amount, and how they should adjust their budget and expectations to work with that amount.

The actual investment amount that each investor contributes will be determined by the investor after conducting Due Diligence and 1:1 Mentor meetings with the founding teams.

Proceeding the diligence and mentoring window, BoomStartup will ask for the Actual Investment Amount from each investor who allocated a Carve Out, on April 12 at 12pm MT.

Investors can make a different Actual Investment Amount than the Carve Out.

NOTE: If investors do not commit to a carveout by March 22, the investors will not get access to the diligence material or historical participation information that BoomStartup has collected on the company. They are in effect opting-out of this round.

Investors will conclude their deal diligence by April 12 and either commit to investing or cancel their carveout.

Investors are responsible for conducting their own diligence process. BoomStartup will supply any requested information to the investors who are participating in this round. BoomStartup will facilitate the meetings and track participation.

Each startup has come up with reasonable investment terms due to market analysis and investor risk. However these are not set in stone. Unless set by previous tranches, the investor who is writing the largest check in this round will have the right to negotiate with the startup on the final terms, which must be agreed by April 12 at 12pm MT.

Each investor will commit their Actual Investment Amount On or Before April 12, in preparation of setting up the round’s SPV.

When the SPV is created the investor will be asked for their bank information so the funds can be wired and their participation is locked. 

BoomStartup has been selected to be each startup’s SPV organizer to streamline the investor participation and investment management service. 

All investments in this round will be consolidated into one SPV, benefitting the startup as it simplifies their cap table with a single entry. 

Pending the total amount committed, Investors will own a percentage of the SPV, and BoomStartup will manage all change of ownership, contact information, taxes documentation, and other standard investment maintenance for the life of the SPV.

If a profitable exit occurs, BoomStartup will collect a 10% carry (on the profit) that will be paid out when the SPV is dissolved.

BoomStartup does not have any additional fees outside of the standard SPV creation and service fees.

If you have questions about SPVs, please contact Tara Spalding for additional information.

If you are unable to attend the live event, you can register and be sent the recording. You are still eligible to participate in the funding round.

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