AmplifyUp Demo Day Was A Success

BoomStartup's AmplifyUp Cohort Demo Day Brought Record-Setting Crowd and Funding Interest

September 14, 2022

BoomStartup Accelerator, a division of Assure, hosted its fourth Demo Day featuring six recent graduates from the AmplifyUp program on September 13, 2022. This program was a hybrid, live event where investors, mentors, and other entrepreneurs and community members can either participate in the Demo Day in-person at Assure’s HQ Business Center in Salt Lake City, Utah; or they can participate in the live event over Zoom.

Each CEO who graduated the program had the opportunity to do a deep-dive into their innovation uniqueness, market timing, traction and go-to-market plan, financials and projections, and the investment ask, use of funds and improvement on growth trajectory. These presentations lasted approximately 15 minutes. That was followed by an open Q&A session where audience members could ask questions about these pre-seed investment opportunities.

Record-setting Participation

Due to the accessibility of the Demo Day and the heavy investor preparation work each company fulfilled, the Demo Day turnout was the highest since Assure acquired BoomStartup in 2019.

The Demo Day format invites accredited investors to review the investment opportunities and to get to meet the founders during a short window of time, to quickly collect funding through an Assure SPV. Each investment already has term sheets drawn up, so it’s as easy as the investor being comfortable with the participation or not.

All presentations were recorded and the pitch decks, one-pagers, and summaries were made available to interested investors.

People participated at Assure’s Business Center or virtually over Zoom.

Grateful for the Contributions

The AmplifyUp 2Q22 cohort began in June and ran 12-weeks of classes to determine who graduated.

The group met twice weekly covering training and presentation critiques. Then each CEO had homework and mentor sessions to complete.

There were 438 hours logged into the cohort platform from everyone involved. Our 27 mentors who volunteered their time logged in 210 hours of work with these companies.

BoomStartup gave special acknowledgements to the top 9 mentors who logged into 68 sessions, combined. 

Fun Moments

Although the CEO presenters were all remote, the program had some funny moments. For example, Tara Spalding and Nancy Mayer demonstrated the Purtrek hiking and filtration pole to those who were in the Salt Lake City location. Additionally, at the end of the afternoon, many people sampled the Revitalize Energy eye drops to get that refreshed feeling at the end of the program. Lastly, the session ended with an open Q&A where the audience could ask about the BoomStartup program and what the outcome and expectations were.