Looking to Invest? Find highly vetted pre-seed investment opportunities with low minimum allocations and attractive valuations.

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Privately preview the newest AmplifyUp graduates during our private virtual demo day.

Are you eager to get in early with high-potential companies? AmplifyUp showcases investment opportunities that require little capital and offer attractive investment terms. 

All graduates have passed rigorous screening and financial planning, and are ready to reach the next level with the right capital. They are seeking investors who can back their vision and plan at such a critical early stage. Attend the Demo Day to learn more about the opportunity to jump in at a lucrative point.

Registered accredited investors are invited to Demo Day. There is no investment obligation to attend.





BoomStartup hosts AmplifyUp Demo Day on a quarterly basis. The companies who present have surpassed our funding preparedness and business growth plan expectations that are suitable for pre-seed, angel investment. Investors who register for AmplifyUp Demo Day will be invited into these funding opportunities and also get direct access to the founders once they commit an investment carve out.

You will be alerted about upcoming Demo Days by email. We will send out multiple emails beforehand with all of the details. 

Yes. You do not need to invest in every company that is showcased during Demo Days. You can invest in 1, 2, all of them, or none of them. The choice is yours!

Yes, only accredited investors can participate in AmplifyUp investments. The investments are made through SPVs adhering to 506(b) regulations. All investors will be screened when they add their bank account into the SPV platform.

BoomStartup has been selected to be each startup’s SPV organizer to streamline the investor participation and investment management service. 

All investments in this round will be consolidated into one SPV, benefitting the startup as it simplifies their cap table with a single entry. 

Pending the total amount committed, investors will own a percentage of the SPV, and BoomStartup will manage all change of ownership, contact information, taxes documentation, and other standard investment maintenance for the life of the SPV.

If you have questions about SPVs, please contact Tara Spalding for additional information.

BoomStartup does not charge any management fees outside of the SPV creation and service fees.

If a profitable exit occurs, BoomStartup will collect a carry (on the profit) that will be paid out when the SPV is dissolved for the AmplifyUp program graduates. Carry will be disclosed for each investment deal.

Yes. We work with startups and investors from all over the world. Demo Days will always be available to participate in remotely and in-person at our Salt Lake City headquarters. 




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