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AmplifyUp funds high-growth potential startups with the right capital and investor support.

BoomStartup has an angel investment community eager to get in very early with high-potential companies. AmplifyUp enables investors to get to know your business and allows them to participate in your pre-seed accredited investment round. Our funding process is different than other accelerators, but highly successful: not only do we help founders solidify investment, BoomStartup focuses on making sure your company succeeds after collecting the funds.

AmplifyUp invites companies into our accelerator that meet investor expectations relative to their business model and industry. We look for companies that are closing in on a critical-mass point, a breakthrough revenue stream, or the kind of value customers can’t ignore. We encourage companies from any location and any industry to apply.

AmplifyUp is an Invitation-only Accelerator and Funding Program.

You’ll be considered for the next AmplifyUp cohort when you share your business updates.

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BoomStartup has a seed fund and an active pool of investors who want to participate in early-stage companies looking to achieve their first institutional, pre-seed round. We leverage SPVs to structure participation from many investors and keep the investment structure and cap table simple and straightforward for the startup.

Our funding ranges between $35,000 to $100,000 depending on the business plan and current business metrics. We will ask for equity and a carry that varies per company. Be prepared to know your funding ask, funding use, and longevity for AmplifyUp participation.

You will spend approximately one month in the AmplifyUp program working with prospective investors, BoomStartup experts and service providers who will mentor you to prepare your company for funding. The program concludes with a Demo Day where the SPV and investment terms are then made public.

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BoomStartup will invest capital and services into your company based on what you need to accomplish and your investment ask. At the beginning of the program, we connect you with investor mentors who will shadow and mentor your company, helping you prepare well for Demo Day.
Summer 2021. Stay tuned and sign up for updates and news.
Any company can participate in AmplifyUp. Every company that applies will be screened and matched to our investor’s criteria. We only accept companies that are a likely match.
AmplifyUp begins with a screening and matching process, which takes time and work. Once matching is complete, companies go through one month of investment preparation with mentors. The AmplifyUp program concludes with a Demo Day.

AmplifyUp can help you raise $35,000 to $100,000 in capital, depending on your company’s financial needs and plans. BoomStartup also provides services to AmplifyUp participants valued up to $100,000. We undergo a pre-funding negotiation that structures the final deal for all parties involved.

Once you make it to Demo Day, you’re a backable company. You may open up the SPV to outside investors who did not participate in your investor mentor experiences in the AmplifyUp program. This is an excellent opportunity for you to oversubscribe your funding round. BoomStartup will organize the SPV, track the investments and payouts, and also handle all of the documentation such as K-1s.

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