16 Jun 2020

How it Works: Step-by-Step

HOW IT WORKS Step-by-Step

16 Jun 2020


1. Get Your Score and Custom Acceleration Plan

When you register, we generate a score card for your company based on seven different business metrics. This is paired with an individually-tailored plan based on Lean startup principles that you can get started on immediately!
2. Book Mentor Meetings

Our network of mentors and industry experts are waiting for your meeting request. Starting at $1.25 per minute, you can book calls to get advice on your business and get more traction.
3. Browse the Products Marketplace
Need your Minimum Viable Product built? Looking for legal help in forming your company? Preparing due diligence for raising funds? We have curated a marketplace of trusted product and service providers to help you grow your business!
4. Request your Review for Investment
As you mature through our 5-level acceleration plan, you become eligible to receive up to $120k in seed funding, deployed across multiple investments, in exchange for 6-9% equity in your company. You can request your first review after completing level 2 on your plan!

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