14 Jan 2021

Open pitch comp – intro section

Rewarding Those Who Make a Difference. BoomStartup

14 Jan 2021

Rewarding Those Who Make a Difference.

BoomStartup is cognizant to the massive and undeniable shifts in our global economy that have occurred over the past year. We are encouraged by the new wave of companies that are capitalizing upon new opportunities, and we support those who have persisted and pivoted or adapted to continue to make the world a better place. We want to celebrate these entrepreneurs and reward them for their efforts.

BoomStartup is excited to launch the inaugural 2021 Open Pitch Competition. This competition is designed to benefit startups, globally by amplifying their voice, awareness, and provide some bonus cash as well. There are seven categories that startups can enter for the pitch competition, and there’s a bonus category that the winner is selected by the general public.

Open to the public, the Pitch Competition submission opens on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, and closes February 17, 2021. See categories, rules, and FAQs to learn more about the program.


Sign up to attend the LIVE final presentation on Wednesday, Feb 24 to see who wins these categories!

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