16 Oct 2019

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A cloud-based interface to automate accelerator operations

16 Oct 2019

A cloud-based interface to automate accelerator operations and curate deal flow

Ready to take your accelerator to the next level? Want to engage more entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts? Need a streamlined solution for scoring applicants, generating individually-tailored acceleration plans and monetizing products and services?

The BoomStartup SaaS Accelerator Platform is a solution to power your accelerator and pre-accelerator programs, providing you the technology to drive bigger impact in early-stage companies.

The Future of the Accelerator Model


Functions and Features

  • Streamlined infrastructure for running an accelerator program end-to-end
  • White-label enablement, with your own logo, colors and graphics
  • Automated scoring of applicants paired with custom-generated acceleration plans
  • Self-serve mentor scheduling and embedded audio-conferencing with all meetings recorded¬†
  • Online University with 25 courses on growing a business
  • Online Marketplace for perks, products and services


Standard Accelerator Model

  • Accelerator “Closed”6-9 months a year
  • Application chaos: steep influx of companies apply just prior to deadline
  • Select only the top 1-4% of companies, reject everyone else
  • Companies at varying maturity levels put through “one size fits all” curriculum
  • Scheduling chaos: full-time employee devoted to connecting entrepreneurs with mentors
  • Challenging to lock down and scale a sustainable business model

BoomStartup Model

  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year; companies can start whenever they want
  • Auto-score every application in real time with the ability to force-rank companies
  • Auto-generate a custom plan for each company that they can work through at their own pace in their own time
  • Accept 100% of companies, while pipeline continually grows
  • Entrepreneurs can search for mentors based on their needs and self-schedule meetings
  • Monetization opportunities to generate revenue through the Online University and the Products Marketplace
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