• Stephanie Sims
    Stephanie Sims
    Founder and CEO, Finance-Ability

    Stephanie Sims is a recovering investment banker, startup advisor, capital strategist, speaker and the author of Funding Your Business Without Selling Your Soul. As the founder of Finance-Ability, she helps entrepreneurs tell economic stories that make dollars…and sense.


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May 17 - 21 2021





RiseUp: Building a Credible Investment Ask

Will you convince investors that your round is the right amount of money, and will create the biggest growth change?

Congratulations on growing your startup to the point where infusing outside capital can create some serious growth. This fantastic situation can unfortunately become a trap if not handled correctly. 

To successfully raise outside capital, you need to convince investors that you understand their concerns – by showing them that you’re investing their money wisely.

The easiest way to do that is to have a plan that shows what you can accomplish with the funding you’re looking for. The plan needs to be more than a vague idea, though – it needs to be backed up with data about exactly what you’ll invest in, how long that funding will last and what milestones you’ll accomplish with that funding.

Tying your investment ask to specific milestones not only sets you apart with investors, but also gives you confidence that you can accomplish what you’re promising in your pitch.

Building a financial plan that demonstrates your business potential and justifies your investment ask is mission critical for every founder.

This RiseUp teaches the participants on how to build and present a credible investment ask for your growing startup. Successful fundraising comes down to identifying clear business milestones and a plan for achieving them, which must be water-tight and straightforward. Before reaching out to investors, do some internal investigation around hard topics on what’s driving the need for fundraising. Asking yourselves questions such as: 

  • What outcomes will this capital help you achieve? 
  • When should they be achieved?
  • What will the capital be invested in? 
  • How will those investments maximize your company’s growth and opportunities for future fundraising?

This RiseUp sprint will guide founders and executives through this decision making process.

Who should take this cohort?

Founders and first-time CFOs who are responsible for leading the fundraising activity. These people should have full access to historical financials, projections and the sales pipeline reports. We encourage startups to bring all executives who have this responsibility (so it can be sales, finance, and CEO).

Homework and Outcome

The homework will be about digging into your financial forecast to understand your goals and the capital needed to achieve them. 

During the sprint, participants will work on crafting their investment ask, and assembling the answers to typical investor questions.

Course Timeframe
Monday, May 17, 2021 – 12pm – 1:30pm MT (2pm – 3:30pm ET)
Wednesday, May 19, 2021– 12pm – 1:30pm MT (2pm – 3:30pm ET)
Friday, May 21, 2021– 12pm – 1:30pm MT (2pm – 3:30pm ET)

Meet the Expert

Stephanie Sims
Founder, Finance-Ability

Stephanie Sims is a capital strategist, startup advisor and the founder of Finance-Ability, where she helps founders tell economic stories that make dollars…and sense.

After nearly a decade in investment banking working with Goldman, Lehman and CSFB on over $5B (BV) of transactions, Stephanie successfully rode the high tech start-up roller coaster in Europe – complete with angels, venture capitalists and the coveted exit to a publicly traded company.

Stephanie has translated her experience as both an investor and an entrepreneur to help raise over $30M using the proprietary Funding Formula and Finsights methods.

 She also educates and mentors early stage entrepreneurs at various accelerators, serves as a judge at startup competitions and is a frequent speaker about venture capital, angel investment, and alternative sources of financing.

Stephanie is also the host of the What’s Your Ask? show, where she talks to investors and entrepreneurs about  the different ways they’ve asked and been asked for money, references, introductions and more.

RiseUp sprints are week-long engagements, entirely focused on helping you solve your most head-scratching business problems.

Sprints are led by experts who identify, address, and solve similar issues so frequently, they can quickly understand the source of your problems and offer advice as you create a smart plan that will help your business rise. Each sprint is attended by a hand-picked cohort of founders facing similar challenges, who learn from the expert leading the sprint and each other.

This isn’t like taking a class to learn the basics of running a business. RiseUp sprints drill down into specialized topics, asking “what’s broken?” in your business model, product, organization or execution. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and be assigned (and complete) homework, while diving deeply into what’s holding back your business. Rise Experts are there to guide you, but they aren’t going to do your job for you. It’s up to you to lead your company to growth as you hypothesize better outcomes and create and execute your plan.

Sprint to the top with RiseUp.