OpenUp: Complete Guide on Startup Pitch Competitions



On-demand Recording

Startup pitch competitions are a great way to get exposure and cash into a starting business, especially if the business is still being formalized and proven. Pitch competitions are helpful to founders who are not used to presenting and selling their ideas, winning debates, and getting the attention. Pitch competition winners receive cash, services, and exposure and networking opportunities that can help their company get through the formation phase into the formalization phase.

This webinar helps founders learn the basics of pitch competitions and also provide insight on how to select the ones to apply to and how to design a winning strategy for the competition.

At BoomStartup, we’ve seen several founders leverage pitch competitions to win over $200,000 in cash that funded their first few years of business formation.

This webinar will cover

  • Pitch competition basics – what to know and what to expect
  • Pitch competition process – what to look out for and how to track each program
  • Pitch competition purpose – how to uncover the host’s intention and how to leverage it in your submission
  • What to expect when you enter a pitch competition
  • How to create a pitch competition strategy and calendar

Founders who are in the early stages of business formation who need cash and services to fund their business.

Monday, January 10, 2022
9 – 10am MST/ 11am – 12pm EST

This is a live, virtual webinar interview hosted through Zoom.


Rick Atkin
Tara Spalding

Meet The Experts

RICK ATKIN, Founder & CEO of Trula, Inc., and Director of DSU’s Atwood Innovation Plaza Startup Incubator 

Rick is an innovation and strategy leader with expertise in identifying, creating, and launching innovative, high-growth opportunities. With his background in entrepreneurship and startups, Rick has developed unique innovation frameworks, strategies, and processes. In addition to creating and launching new startups, Rick has led the launches of over 20 product and service offerings in dozens of countries and in many languages. Rick also extensively volunteers his time to mentor and support promising new startups in southern Utah through early validation and growth stages as part of Dixie State University’s Atwood Innovation Plaza. Rick received his Associate of Arts degree from Dixie State University, his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University, and his Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School where he was awarded the Rock and John R. Lebor Family Entrepreneurial Fellowship.

TARA SPALDING, Managing Director, BoomStartup
Tara Spalding is Managing Director of BoomStartup Accelerator, a subsidiary of Assure. Founded in 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah, BoomStartup is a global, mentorship-driven, angel-stage investment preparedness program for startups. It is an online, inclusive accelerator, helping first-time founders on business maturity guidance, investment preparation, capital structuring, and investment strategies. Under Tara’s leadership, BoomStartup will engage with over 1,000 startups from across the world and across various industries in 2021 alone.

Tara Spalding is available for 1:1 mentoring to the BoomStartup community.