OpenUp: Introduction to Cap Tables



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An important component to entity formation is to create a capitalization table that identifies shareholders and their percentage equity ownership in the company. And as the company grows, raises capital, gains investors, and has headcount changes, so does the Cap Table to reflect these modifications. 
Cap Tables list company’s securities, which can be preferred and common stock, options, or warrants, and shows how much was paid for them and then ultimately breaks down the ownership of the company. It’s important that every founder understands the components of a cap table and the best practices of how to maintain it for accuracy.
Meet Bert McCooey. He’s a VP at ClearList and manages the sales, onboarding, and implementation of cap table management in addition to primary raises and data rooms for startups. Bert will be teaching startup founders about the basics of cap tables and how to make sure they are set up correctly and properly maintained.


Startups who are seeking funding or seeking funding soon. 

This is a recording of the live, virtual workshop hosted over Zoom


Bert McCooey

Meet The Expert:

Bert McCooey, VP Corporate Services, ClearList

Bert McCooey is a seasoned sales executive whose background spans SaaS, Research, and Data. Bert has worked with many startups and ensured that their corporate structuring is done correctly so there is no friction to receive investments or experience exits. ClearList’s mission is to transform the equities marketplace for private companies, combining innovation with deep capital markets expertise. ClearList is committed to meeting the capital markets needs of private companies through all stages of their growth. ClearList is taking the best elements of the U.S. public markets and applying them to the U.S. private market. Through our offerings of secondary trading, primary offerings access, liquidity events, and cap table management, ClearList is empowering the world’s fastest-growing private companies and putting their needs at the forefront of the work completed.