OpenUp: Applying for a Patent

Inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes fear that their ideas will be copied by competitors. Too often when someone markets a good idea, others come flocking with their own versions of the product. That’s why anyone who is inventing a product, whether it’s a device or a unique technology should strongly consider applying for a patent.

Patents are extremely valuable for a variety of reasons. A patent registration protects the invention from being used by others in all of the United States. It guarantees the inventor ownership prohibiting others from commercializing the patented invention.

If patents are not handled correctly, you risk having your ideas or products stolen from you.

This webinar will take a deep dive into how to apply for a patent and how to get approved in a timely manner.


This hour-long webinar will go through how to apply for a patent and how to get approved in a timely manner. Bao will present a slideshow followed by a Q&A.

Entrepreneurs who are approaching the time to apply for a patent.

Meet The Experts:

Bao Tran, Patent Attorney with

Bao Tran is a patent attorney with, an IP law firm.   He was with the largest patent law firm in the US, and was recruited to join  Align Tech during its early days.  He designed the original patent portfolio for Invisalign(R) medical devices and after that he architected the early portfolio for Shutterfly(R)’s photo service. Bao now enjoys helping startups succeed with their IP asset building program