OpenUp: Choosing Your Business KPIs

Keith Huang


Keith Huang

CEO and Founder, Sentient Academy



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How to make educated decisions to accomplish your objectives with relevant measurement and communications.

KPIs are the universal indicators used throughout a startup to ensure everyone knows how the company is performing and if their actions are keeping them on track, or not. KPIs lead to actionable steps in the right direction to achieve an outcome in the expected timeframe. However, KPIs can quickly become distracting and perhaps misguiding if they are not prioritized to support growth, simplified to easily understand contribution, and shared throughout the startup.

Join BoomStartup and Keith Huang, Founder of Sentient Academy, as we discuss the principles behind streamlining and validating your business KPIs and choosing the top 3 KPIs that will remain top-of-mind in any business context. Keith will share his experience gained while running startups and how he keeps his current startup on track, achieving the growth milestones that are creating fantastic outcomes.

Keith has created this KPI framework that simplifies everything down to a probability model (think heads or tails) so each startup member is simply answering this question: is this going to tweak the outcome in my favor? If yes, then go for it. If no, stop, re-evaluate until you get a yes. A desired outcome, or higher probable outcome, is achieved by increasing the odds slightly each flip.

Workshop Format

Per BoomStartup’s approach, this is an active and immersive workshop where Keith will be driving you to design your dashboard and run some validation tests to ensure your KPIs will keep your business on track. Additionally, BoomStartup will also share our top 3 KPIs so you can see how we are tracking our community and participation to measure the efficacy of our accelerator program.

Date and Location

July 29, 2021, 12pm – 1pm MDT
Live, interactive workshop hosted on Zoom. Must register to attend.


This program is free. You must register in advance to attend.

Meet the Expert

Keith Huang, CEO and Founder Sentient Academy

Keith Huang spent 10 years helping enterprises solve specific problems to optimize profits and financial operations efficiency. He started his career in the Casino Industry in Mesquite, NV with his proprietary financial system design with 30%+ YOY EBIDTA growth for 3 years in a row before he left the industry. His ability to connect hard data to the real people in the business is the key to his success. He offers a unique perspective to help pinpoint inefficiency with custom automation solutions which bring business insights through simple visuals.

He founded Sentient Academy in 2019 with renowned artist Bryan Mark Taylor to deliver professional art training to a global audience. He has brought company growth with his analytical skills and leadership experience. He enjoys business talks to help fellow entrepreneurs grow their business as a way to give back and build friendship.