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On March 2, 2021, Microsoft announced Exchange Server vulnerabilities which affected 30,000 companies in the US, and 250,000 globally as hackers leveraged this to infiltrate the business and create massive problems. Not only were these companies exposed through financial ransoms and trade secrets, but their trust with their customers, partners, and communities also eroded. If your startup has not been attacked yet, it’s only a matter of time.

As startups who leverage technology for creating innovation, differentiation, and connection with customers, keeping in mind the security vulnerabilities is paramount. There comes a point where your startup needs to invest into protection, even if it’s from remote employees being absent-minded with their work. However, the cost of protection can’t be disproportionate to what the startup is doing and what the startup can afford.

For example, security of data and employee training has seemingly been exploited because of working on home networks and on personal computers. In some cases, an end-to-end encryption and/or other secure working solutions can greatly reduce cyber risk.

Join BoomStartup on July 22 where Darren Funk, VP of IOA Insurance Services, walks startups through a one-page quiz to measure your exposure to cyber-attacks. Darren’s company runs full investigations on cyber-attack vulnerabilities, and this workshop is a free preview to see if you’re at a point where you need to take a more protective stance.

Live, Quiz Format

Darren Funk, a cyber risk expert, will take the workshop participants through a 20-question quiz asking about your startup’s exposure points and the need to take defensive action. This is an interactive session full of examples and insights for startups.

Date and Location

July 22, 2021, 8:30am – 9:30am MDT
Live, interactive workshop hosted on Zoom. Must register to attend.


Free to attend, but must register in advance.

Meet the Expert

Darren Funk

CIC, CRM, Shareholder and VP Insurance Of America (IOA)