OpenUp: Merging Product and Revenue Creation



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Don’t start designing a product (not even the UX) until you have a plan on who and how your customers will pay.

There’s a very close and often ignored affinity between product and sales. Many founders forget that the solution solves a problem at a price that the recipient will pay for. There are several product paths to revenue and one size does not fit all. By doing some research, evaluating what your buyers are comfortable doing and spending money upon, and ways to set up product feedback looks to help drive sales and marketing performance, your MVP can be revenue generating, and a critical component to your startup’s survival.

Join Nick Lamb, CEO of Outcode Software and Robert Olsen, Director of Product at Outcode Software in this one-hour interactive webinar where they will review revenue models such as Freemium, Pre-sales, Subscription, etc that must be determined prior to specking out product designs.


June 22, 2021 from 10 – 11am MT
Hosted live through Zoom
Participation is free. If you register but can not attend, this session will be recorded and made available to all who registered.


This is a live, virtual event designed to help founders and early-stage product designers and product managers figure out their path to revenue creation. It is an INTERACTIVE session where we encourage participants to send in questions and comments through the chat feature.

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PDF: “Go-to-Market Checklist”
After you have validated a need and have completed the build of your product, this checklist will ensure success and readiness as you prepare for launch.

Product and revenue creation questions?

When you are registering, you can submit a question to Nick and Robert to ensure it’s addressed during the presentation.

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Nick Lamb,
CEO and Owner, Outcode Software

Nicholas Lamb is the CEO and Owner of Outcode Software. He loves to work with individuals and companies looking for a product focused path using innovative ideas to improve quality of life. Nicholas has worked finding ways to use technology to help each company grow and see a healthy return on investment for a variety of different industries ranging from Energy to Customer Experience to Wall Street and everything in between. He loves to help make others dreams become a reality. Nicholas holds a Masters Degree in Information Systems from the University of Utah. He has taken product and technology leadership roles for funded technology companies and lives his passion for entrepreneurship through investing in startups and expanding OutCode’s ecosystem.

Robert Olsen,
Director of Product, Outcode Software

Robert Olsen is a Director of Product who works with Product Owners to deliver world class products.

Robert believes that proper product vision documentation is the most important steps to take before developing a successful product.

Robert has worked as a lead in Quality Assurance at iFit Health and Fitness. Robert, has also started at OutCode as a Product Owner and has landed an awesome opportunity with OutCode to be the Directer of Product where he has been highly successful and effective. Robert has professional training in Agile Product Owner Role: Technique, The Six Biases of Decision- Making, Agile Product Owner Role: Foundations, Critical Thinking for Better Judgement and Decision-Making and Agile Development Practices.