OpenUp: Simplifying Investor Relationships

Jared Snow


Jared Snow

Jared Snow, Senior Director of Business Development at Assure. Jared Snow has worked on new business development for early-stage companies for more than 7 years, in which time he has helped scale revenue teams averaging over 100% growth year over year. During his time at Assure, Jared has helped Assure grow at a rapid pace, helping Assure become one of the 15 fastest-growing companies in the state of Utah. Jared has directly helped over 500 Venture Capitalists fund over 3,000 deals in early-stage companies. Jared was born, raised and received his business degree in California and is now living life elevated in Utah. He loves the outdoors, athletics, family, and is passionate about helping companies achieve their goals through venture funding to help the world become a better place.

Other Organizers

Tara Spalding
Tara Spalding

Tara Spalding Managing Director, BoomStartup Accelerator Tara Spalding is Managing Director of BoomStartup Accelerator. BoomStartup is an accelerator and mentorship-driven angel-stage investment program for startups. It operates as an online technology-driven accelerator, providing entrepreneurs a custom business plan including business maturity guidance, investment preparation, and capital structuring relevant to growth, and investment strategies as well as a curated marketplace for services. Tara is also the founder of Hen House Ventures, an early stage incubator that helps tech companies rapidly scale when entering massive markets, and is also on the board of trustees for Tara is the recipient of the 2020 Utah Business 30 Women to Watch award. Tara began her high-tech career in Silicon Valley when she taught herself to code software and became the first employee, and eventually VP of marketing at industry leader, SugarCRM. Her Silicon Valley experience included roles as CMO at GroundWork Open Source, VP marketing at Magnet Systems, and co-founder and CPO at BenchPick. Tara received her bachelors from University of Colorado, Boulder.



On-demand Recording

Join Tara Spalding, Managing Director at BoomStartup Accelerator hold an open discussion with Jared Snow, Senior Director of Business Development at Assure to explain how to simplify investor relationships through investment management best practices.


Recently, it’s become more common to see startups leverage SPVs to accumulate investments.

SPVs literally become an investment vehicle where investors can pool their money which is then invested directly into the startup itself. But, it provides several advantages as a startup CEO.

Understanding how SPVs simplifies the investment relationship management begins on the fund solicitation and continues through when the startup experiences an equity conversion or exit event.

This webinar will provide very helpful insights about SPVs that startup CEOs should be aware of, from the SPV leader, Assure. Additionally, we will explain how BoomStartup will be leveraging SPVs to provide the best possible investment opportunity for startups.

Discussion Points

Listen and hear how SPV services and Accelerators are improving the fundraising experience by leveraging Special Purpose Vehicles

We will cover:

  • What is an SPV
  • How do SPVs affect the distribution process
  • What impact do SPVs have on the cap table
  • How are SPVs closed
  • When should startups use SPVs
  • SPV Pros and Cons for Founder CEOs
  • How BoomStartup will be leveraging SPVs