First AmplifyUp Demo Day

Photo: Tara Spalding, Eric Lo, Carlton van Putten, Brenda Anderson, Christina Nield after the Demo Day concluded.

First Founders to Complete the AmplifyUp Program Present Pre-Seed Investment To Public

Congratulations to Eric Lo, founder and CEO of Krado; Carlton van Putten, founder and CEO of PayRent; Brenda Anderson, founder and CEO of Jipe for completing BoomStartup’s pre-seed funding track. Each learned about the expectations of angel investors, and prepared a thorough investment package including pitch deck, demo, financial statements, pro-formas, cap table, use of funds and more to expedite diligence process with investors.

AmplifyUp Demo Day is a hybrid event – hosted both in-person out of the Assure HQ business center and also broadcasted to those who are remote. The founders presented a 15-minute introduction pitch followed by a Q&A session that was broadcasted over Zoom so remote investors can participate. The pitches were followed by live demonstrations. Attending investors were given an investment package for each opportunity.

Additionally, BoomStartup established an SPV for each company to aggregate investment from not only BoomStartup’s investor pool but also each of the founders, too. This unique approach allows Boom’s investment round to be open to other investors who may not be directly participating in Boom’s investment program.