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Lateral Solutions provides full service accounting and human resources administration as well as ad hoc services to ensure that we are providing exactly what our clients need.

Efficient and effective operations are important for every startup. This is not only Lateral Solutions expertise but we launch and manage with efficiency in mind to reduce administration. Lateral Solutions range from full launch of internal operations, full management of internal operations, bookkeeping and HR admin services, COO advisory, and ad hoc projects.
Lateral Solutions has developed an expertise in helping startups and organizations branching off from a parent organization launch their internal operations. We help clients pick the best solutions to create fast, effective and low cost solutions to reduce administration. While we hope you work with us to continue our services, we are more than happy to help you get started! These services include but not limited to:
Lateral Solutions offers a 25% discount on its launch service and all services for the first 6 months.