Interested In OpenUp Marketplace Listings?

BoomStartup Laptop product Marketplace

The OpenUp Marketplace provides companies, consultants, and resellers the opportunity to offer their product or service directly to founders within the BoomStartup community. When you complete the submission form, you agree to BoomStartup’s marketplace participation expectations, noted below.

Your offering will be available on BoomStartup’s OpenUp Marketplace for one year on the date of submission. You can renew your post if it has been serving the community. If the offering was unsuccessful, we suggest modifying the offer at any time. 

BoomStartup’s Base Sponsorship includes one Marketplace listing and one OpenUp mentor as the free option.

If you want additional listings, please contact us about sponsorships.

If you want to become a mentor, complete this form.

All OpenUp Marketplace providers are considered BoomStartup Sponsors. There are various levels (starting at no cost) for your company to pursue.

By receiving a placement in the Marketplace, sponsors commit to fully support BoomStartup’s efforts, such as promoting our programs and events, encouraging founders to join our community, and mentoring founders when needed. 

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring the different BoomStartup programs, contact us.

Any information that would be considered private or confidential that you attain about the BoomStartup community (such as contact information, profile information, programs, innovations), will not be shared outside of your organization. No data provided by BoomStartup may be resold or re-shared without direct consent PRIOR to release from the actual party themselves.

If there is any data breach, all offerings and mentors will be removed from the community.

Offerings that are successful within the Marketplace cover these areas:

  • Tailors to startups in functionality, deployment, training, and support
  • Provides a discount in pricing or payment terms
  • Freemium models are often well received
  • Trade up cost points are clearly defined
  • Offering solves a specific problem vs. being ambiguous
  • Offering has a robust description, shows demos/ screenshots, provides case studies

When BoomStartup shares an interested member with you to provide your offering, it is your responsibility to immediately respond to the inquiry and also update BoomStartup if the individual uses your service or not. For the initial follow-through, include [email protected] in the communications so we can track response rate and follow through.

Additionally, BoomStartup tracks every Marketplace inquiry through transaction as it helps us understand the startup development.