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We believe in supporting entrepreneurs across the globe who have brilliant ideas, the passion to pursue them, and the guts to see their ideas through to maturity.

OpenUp is for entrepreneurs everywhere, looking for a community of learning and support they can access 24/7.

OpenUp is a drop-in, remote program where you’ll only pay for the exclusive Boom Startup solutions you need. When you join OpenUp, we’ll ask you to tell us about your business. You will receive a free business viability scorecard that shows your strengths and weaknesses and an interactive task list that will help improve your scores as you put in the effort to improve your business.

Connect with other founders from around the world for free events and webinars. For a minimal fee, access BoomStartup courses and consult with our experts on specific issues facing your business.

OpenUp entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply to and watch BoomStartup’s pitch competitions, called PitchUp. Founders can also apply to be part of our RiseUp and AmplifyUp accelerator programs.

If you’re ready for the support of entrepreneurs and experts who’ve been in your shoes, we invite you to join OpenUp.

OpenUp Training

Participate in our self-service online training identifying the best business path.

Addressable Market

Figure out your TAM, SAM, SOM and how selecting the right market can make your business grow fast.

OpenUp Events

October 2021
20 October 2021

OpenUp: Lessons From Mentors

This panel discussion shares startup stories that every founder goes through. Our three experts, Christina Sjahli, Robert Bishop, and Curtis Howe have seen both success and failure, and openly offer their stories to the BoomStartup community members. ...

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
26 October 2021

OpenUp: Applying for a Patent

Patents are extremely valuable for a variety of reasons. Inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors want companies to protect their ideas from competitors, and the best way to do so is by filing a patent. This OpenUp webinar will explain the basics of patents and also what to expect during the patent filing process. ...

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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No event found!
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How to


Book 1:1 Mentor Meetings

At BoomStartup, we believe a mentorship-driven approach leads to better companies. We have a network of seasoned startup experts and serial entrepreneurs who are waiting to give you advice on your business. Starting at $1.25 per minute, you can schedule calls with BoomStartup mentors who can provide the immediate advice you need. Both you and your mentor will receive text message reminders leading up to your meeting, and with a single click, you can start your call directly from the BoomStartup Online platform!

Get Offers Geared and Priced for Startups

Scaling a business is a lot of work – we know you need all the resources you can get. That’s why we’ve curated a Marketplace of trusted product and service-providers who are here to help you grow. You’ll find everything from software development packages, to legal guidance bundles, to banking and financial services, to best-practice templates. We’ve negotiated the best deals for our startups because every penny counts when you’re building a company!

Get Your Business Rated


When you join OpenUp, we ask you to create an account on our exclusive platform by linking to your LinkedIn account. Then we encourage you to answer business-related questions so our platform can generate a scorecard based on seven different metrics. Next, the platform will advise you to improve your business performance by completing an individually-tailored action plan that’s built on the principles of The Lean Startup by Eric Reis.

Hold Yourself Accountable, Track Documents

The OpenUp platform is a great conduit for taking action. It is designed to remind you of important activities and milestones that you should be working toward. Your personalized action plan is only shared with the mentors and investors who you are engaged with. A mentor can assign you a task, ask you to upload or download material, and post reminder notes.

Learn from Online Courses

The OpenUp online platform hosts on-demand educational videos and training materials that support the business improvement suggestions on your scorecard. Each class can be accessed at any time, and after completing an educational component on the platform, you can add your newly created business assets to your OpenUp profile. This gives the BoomStartup team, investors and mentors a more complete understanding of your company’s growth and progression. 


OpenUp is a free service. You pay nothing to join. You get access to the OpenUp webinars, PitchUp competitions, and the business Scorecard for free. We just ask you to complete a quarterly business survey to let us know how your business is progressing.
The online platform does require you to have a LinkedIn account for authentication only. However all of your platform activities relating to OpenUp are private and will not be shared outside of BoomStartup.
Mentors are accessible to you at any time, however you must schedule and pay for each mentor conversation. First, you need to update your phone number in your profile account. Then you will need to enter your credit card information. You can search for mentors based on their skills or experience, then request a meeting. They will accept or decline the meeting, which is then tracked by the platform for billing purposes.
Our marketplace offerings are constantly evolving. Some are free, some are for a fee. You can purchase them directly from the Marketplace or you can request assistance from the BoomStartup team.
You can apply to be a mentor by completing this application. You will be contacted with further instructions. You will also be required to use your LinkedIn credentials to set up your mentor account.
You can apply to list an item by completing this form. We request that products and services listed in the Marketplace are appealing to startups and very inexpensive or free. Once you complete the application, you will receive further instructions. You will also be required to use your LinkedIn credentials to set up your account.
Yes, but only a very select few. All companies that we back must participate in at least the OpenUp program, if not additionally PitchUp or RiseUp. All of these programs allow us to track your business growth. The first step is to complete the Scorecard. The second step is to provide us with your last quarter’s business growth insight.
Please check out the AmplifyUp program page for more information about BoomStartup’s investment program.

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