PitchUp Three Finals

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Finals Schedule

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Welcome, introductions, and thank yous

Digital Toolkits Category

  • SAVA, Meredith Van Feldt (10:00)
  • Foodi, Ben Fisher (15:33)
  • Lumose Marketplace, Caroline Ragan (21:33)

Transportation + Logistics Category

  • Moon Scooters, Mauri Skabelund (26:39)
  • Heal Me Now, Raven McNeal (32:17)
  • ELNAV, Hrvoje Mihovilović (38:22)

Climate + Sustainability Category

  • INESS, Soner Haci (44:17)
  • MiFOOD Robot, Ruben Miranda (49:12)
  • Atmospheric Refrigeration Corporation Industries, Edward Amaral (54:55)

Enterprise Solutions Category

  • DrillDocs, Calvin Holt (1:00:55)
  • Composite Vision, Ruslan Vorobyev (1:05:23)
  • iAllo, Gezel Nehmadi (1:09:59)

Education + Intelligence Category

  • Vocal Image, Nick Lahoika (1:16:14)
  • Learnidy, Joanna Huang (1:21:23)
  • HerPower2, Natalie Benamou (1:26:32)

Finance Category

  • King Equity Group, Anade Davis (1:32:15)
  • Folioboost, David Woodbury (1:37:48)
  • Money Avenue, A. Donahue Baker (1:42:21)

Health + Wellness Category

  • Revitalize Energy, Kyle Guinness (1:48:15)
  • Expressive Painimation, Charles and Nadia Jonassaint (1:54:10)
  • Parrots, David Hojah (1:59:38)

Thank yous and Winners announced


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PitchUp Three Finals Judges

Jon Bassford

Founder at Lateral Solutions, Startup Advisor

Chris Badger

Partner at Now CFO, CPA, Partner, Investor, Startup Advisor

Laura Lisowski Cox

Board Member at Zeist Ventures, Advisor, Investor, Cofounder of Oars + Alps

Brian Cashin

Senior Associate at Teamworthy Ventures

Nick Lamb

CEO, Outcode Software, Startup Advisor

Elisabeth Nebeker

Program Director, Wasatch Innovation Network

Ryan Nash

COO at Gust. Angel Investor, Growth Advisor

Katie Neilson

Co-founder, President at Assure, Angel Investor

Jan Nolte

Founder, CEO at The Influential Voice, Angel Investor

Marc Rasich

Attorney at Greenberg Traurig, Angel Investor, Advisor, BoomStartup Mentor

Mark Tullis

Co-founder at TechBuzz, Tech Advocate, Entrepreneur

David Weinstein

CEO at Freshwater Advisors, CTO, Investor, Startup Advisor, Venture Accelerator