Rewarding founders with big ideas.

PitchUp is an open pitch competition, highlighting and rewarding companies that are improving the future. We encourage founders to apply for the chance to compete and showcase their unique startup on a global scale.

PitchUp is designed to amplify awareness of new businesses, and provide the chance to win some cash. The seven competition categories, and a bonus “popularity” award voted on by the general public give ambitious, early-stage founders the chance to shine.

PitchUp is an opportunity for founders to hone their messaging, connect with other entrepreneurs and get to know our judges (many of whom are investors). 

PitchUp competition is NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS as the entry deadline has passed. However, GET TICKETS TO THE LIVE FINAL EVENT and watch who wins the cash and prizes.

PitchUp Two Finals

PitchUp Two Finals is a Live, Public event, broadcasted over Vimeo! We hope you can join us and cheer for your favorite competitor.

Get tickets now.

Where: Virtually over Vimeo
When: Friday, September 3, 2021 8:30am – 12:30pm MDT (final time will be announced soon)


We encourage everyone to participate in this fun event! These are the three important dates for the competition. Questions about PitchUp? Contact us. 

Submissions Due
August 20

Finalists Announced August 27

Live Final Event September 3

Competition Categories

Choose one category that you want to compete in.


Innovating to benefit the underserved or endangered. $1,000 prize.


Innovating to improve living, health, happiness. $1,000 prize plus $5,000 in services from Rehabilitation Health.


Innovating to enhance the future of work, post-pandemic. $1,000 prize.


Innovating to provide capital accessibility and management. $1,000 prize.


Innovating to improve knowledge sharing relevant to today’s needs. $1,000 prize.


Innovating to reduce climate impact while creating efficiencies. $1,000 prize.


Strengthening culture, community, connections. $1,000 prize plus 3 hours in consultation from Marc Rasich at Stoel Rives, LLP.


Picked by the eligible viewer audience who contribute to the winning purse, this funding can be unlimited! 50% goes to the winning presenter, 50% goes to a lucky audience member.


We encourage startups earning less than $250K annually and who have set their sights on making a difference in their area of focus to enter PitchUp. This competition is about pitching companies that create innovations, so the narrative of your pitch should be more like speaking to an investor, rather than a customer. For example, focus on your company and how it’s solving a big problem instead of trying to sell the innovation or widget itself.

We encourage founders from diverse backgrounds to apply.

Don’t be shy about entering the PitchUp competition if your startup isn’t earning revenue yet. Yes, we do ask about historical financials, but it is okay to say there is no revenue!

If you want to share your costs or investments to date, please do. We would like to see your financial projection for the next year or two, if possible. It can be as simple as Number of Units sold or Customers, multiplied by Sale Price (equalling revenue), then subtracting out Cost of Goods Sold, to estimate your company’s profitability. Contact us if you need additional help.

Step 1: Complete the entry form.

Step 2: Download the PitchUp competition material and download the slide template and demo template to begin creating your pitch materials.

Step 3: Upload your pitch deck and 90-second video to complete your submission. 

The submission process is straightforward. 

You must complete the Entry Form telling us about who is presenting, the company, and the category you are entering.

Then we strongly suggest that you FOLLOW the Pitch Deck Template (we tell you exactly what slide to provide and in what order) and attach an UP TO 90 SECOND Demo Video so the first round judging can learn and understand more of your product.

All of this material is DUE BEFORE the Submission Date.

PitchUp competitions are FREE to enter. Entrants can only apply to compete in ONE category. We ask you to agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. You will also be considered for the BoomStartup Accelerator program. The cost of the competition is covered by our sponsors, so please show them your support.

There are seven competition categories: Impact, Health and Wellness, Productivity, Humanity, Education, Energy, and Financial. You’ll want to customize your pitch presentation and demo to emphasize the influence this category has had on your company and innovation.

After reviewing all submissions, we will rank and interview the top contenders to compete in each category.

The Final Pitch Competition will be hosted virtually. Winners will be selected after presenting at the live, online competition. The finalists will present a condensed, three-minute business pitch and host a two-minute demo, for a total of 5 minutes on stage. Our judges will then have the opportunity to ask the presenter up to three questions, and presenters have up to three minutes for their response. Response quality, personality, and precision will influence the final vote.

Each category winner will receive $1,000 USD.

Judges will review the material submitted (the scorecard, pitch deck, demo video) and rank each submission, considering every submission in the category. Scoring is based on Professionalism, Traction, Viability, Reach, and most importantly, Innovation.

To allow the popular vote winner a proper voting selection, eligible voters donate $20 into the Popular Vote purse, making the winning amount unlimited! That vote permits them to cast a vote for a finalist presenter. The presenter with the most votes win 50% of the pot! 

The other 50% goes to one of the eligible voters who are randomly drawn from all participants. This is a fun way to get the viewers and the presenters engaged and involved, so everyone can have a bit of skin in the judging game!

We are often asked if people should produce a professional video or get artists to help out with their deck.

We think you should do the best you can with the resources you have. It is a competition but this is not a funding pitch. If you record a demo on your mobile phone and send that to us, that’s fine!

Please upload both the pitch deck and demo video at the same time.

If you make it to the finals, congratulations! You are about to experience a really fun time.

You will get 3-minutes to present to the judges and to the voters in the audience that you should win your category and the popular vote.

This is a free-form time where you are on camera, can share your screen or do an actual demo. We recommend that you script and time it to make sure you are under the three minutes or else we will cut you off (it’s embarrassing).

Then the judges will ask you questions for the following 2-minutes to see how you respond on the fly. 

After the top three category winners present, the judges will vote and at the end of the final event a category winner will be announced.

PitchUp Sponsors

Other Ways To Participate in PitchUp Two

BoomStartup PitchUp competitions are a great way to get the community together. We realize that not everyone checking out this program will be throwing their name in the competition hat, but should still be included. That’s why we made several ways for you to engage with this program so you can see these wonderful competitors! Here are different ways you can engage.

Watch the PitchUp live Final Competition on September 3 virtually. Register now to get the live event program update.

Vote to select the Popular Vote purse during the live Final Competition. 50% of your ticket fee goes to the winner, 50% goes to a lucky voter who is randomly selected (could be you!)

First PitchUp Competition Results

Paul Shin
Paul ShinSkedgit
Read More
BoomStartup's pitch competition was fun, exciting, and really professionally handled. The communications, support, and experience was fantastic for me.
Aman Thind
Aman ThindNava Ventures
Read More
This pitch competition introduced us to many investors and connections that helped us grow our company. I recommend participating in the Pitch Competition because it gives your business some great exposure.
Patricia Garcia
Patricia GarciaCollege Thrifts
Read More
I had fun preparing for this competition because it taught me the basics on how to present my idea as a business. The template for the pitch deck and the suggestions for the demo video made me think about the big picture on what my business can become.

BoomStartup’s first-ever, open pitch competition was held on February, 24, 2021. Twenty one finalists competed during the live streamed event. You can read more about the winners in our blog post “BoomStartup Pitch Competition Winners Selected” and you can watch the Final Competition event on our Vimeo channel.