PitchUp Two Finalists Announced

As covered in TechBuzz News, BoomStartup’s PitchUp Two Finals is live on September 3, 2021. It showcases 22 impressive startups who are competing head-to-head in this global startup pitch competition.

Register to watch this event live at https://www.boomstartup.com/pitchup

Starting at 8:30am MDT and concluding at 12:30pm MDT the pitch competition will go through seven categories where judges will rate each presentation based on Professionalism, Traction, Innovation, Viability, and Reach.

PitchUp Two Finalists


Mathematician Jr. – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Pedestal – San Diego, California, USA

Spinndle Inc. – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Greenbox – Brazzaville, Centrale Africa

Kazadi Enterprises – Batavia, Illinois, USA

Off Grid Technologies – Carlsbad, California, USA

Padma Agrobotics – Chandler, Arizona, USA


401Go Inc. – West Jordan, Utah, USA

PayRent – Lehi, Utah, USA

Value Network – Dover, Delaware, USA


Makeena – Boulder, Colorado, USA

NeuEsse Inc. – Dunbar, Pennsylvania, USA

Papyrus Bio – Martinez, California, USA


Audio House – Draper, Utah, USA

Baryl – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jipe – Fruit Heights, Utah, USA


AYES – Antwerpen, Belgium

Enzle Analytics – Heber City, Utah, USA

withVR – Ghent, Belgium


Ampifi – Cedar Hills, Utah, USA

Cerbrec, Inc. – New York, New York, USA

Schedulehead – Dallas, Texas, USA

PitchUp pitch competition is designed to amplify awareness of new businesses, and provide the chance to win some cash. The seven competition categories, and a bonus “popularity” award voted on by the general public give ambitious, early-stage founders the chance to shine.

PitchUp is an opportunity for founders to hone their messaging, connect with other entrepreneurs and get to know our judges (many of whom are investors). 

Finals Judges

Thanks to the following finalist judges who have the burden of deciding the winner of each category.

Andy Jorgensen | Lighthouse Investments

Chris Badger | Now CFO

Jeramy Lund | Rehabilitation Health

Joseph May | Creatably

Katie Neilson | Assure

Marc Rasich | Stoel Rives

Mark Tullis | TechBuzz News

Nick Lamb | Outcode Software

Tanner Anderson | Mezy

Tim Cooley | Park City Angels

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