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29 July 2021

OpenUp: Choosing Your Business KPIs

KPIs are the universal indicators used throughout a startup to ensure everyone knows how the company is performing and if their actions are keeping them on track, or not. Join BoomStartup and Keith Huang, Founder of Sentient Academy, as we discuss the principles behind streamlining and validating your business KPIs and choosing the top 3 KPIs that will remain top-of-mind in any business context. ...

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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06 September 2021
10 September 2021

RiseUp: Creating An Investable Pitch Deck

Raising capital is hard. What if we could turn a few "No's" into "Maybe's" and a few "Maybe's" into "Yes's"? If you want to learn the best way to present your business to secure investment, there is no better program on the subject. Tim Cooley, author and angel investor will provide presentation insights and direct guidance to founders that are about to raise funding. ...

9:00 am - 12:00 am
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27 September 2021
01 October 2021

RiseUp: Measuring Product Market Fit for Growth

Is your startup not achieving the growth you are looking for and your users and customers don’t stick around for long enough time? Allocating your limited resources inefficiently will just lead to running in circles, I’ve been through this myself more than once. n this results-driven RiseUp Sprint we will teach you how to implement the ways to measure your product market fit at your startup, and then how to analyze the results together and work out a practical action plan that will get you aligned to your company’s north star. ...
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