Ready. Set. BOOM!

We’ve been counting down for months – and finally the new BoomStartup has launched! We’re excited to share our vision for a whole new business accelerator community – where every startup gets a free business viability scorecard and an individualized plan to fix their flaws, where founders can engage with experts to solve their most challenging problems, where entrepreneurs compete for recognition and cash prizes for their innovative ideas, and where startups that are ready for lift-off can engage mentors and investors. 


We believe every entrepreneur deserves a shot. Boom is here to give you that “A-ha” moment, to recognize what your business needs to break through the stratosphere and provide the tools and resources to make it happen. 

If you missed attending our April 29 Virtual Launch Party, don’t worry, you can watch it here. Tara Spalding, the host and MD of Boom, provides a summary on what to expect and why we made these changes. 


It’s time to Level Up. Join up today!