Revenue Trends to Get Startups Funded

In most markets, rapid growth is the north star for attracting venture funding and premium valuations. This post covers three mathematical rules of thumb to gauge your growth.

  • Triple, Triple, Double, Double, Double: Grow to ~$100M in revenue in just five to six years by following this annual compounding pattern.
  • The Mendoza Line for VC Funding: Grow at least ~85% of your previous year’s growth rate to stay on VC radars.
  • Monthly Compounding to 100% growth: Growing 6% month-over-month is the same as growing 100% year-over-year.

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CJ Gustafson, Mostly Metrics
CJ Gustafson is a startup CFO, angel investor and lover of metrics. He’s led finance and strategy teams at hyper growth startups scaling from <$10M to +$100M in ARR.
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