Sprint to the top.

RiseUp Sprints are week-long engagements, entirely focused on helping you solve your most head-scratching business problems.

RiseUp is for founders who are impatient for growth and want to learn-it-themselves, rather than outsource solutions. One-week sprints are led by experts who identify, address, and solve these issues so frequently, they can quickly understand the source of your problems and offer advice that will help your business rise.

Founders apply to attend sprints that fit their business needs and must be accepted to participate. The cohort of founders in each sprint will be facing similar challenges and learn from the Rise Expert and each other in an interactive online format. During the sprint week, each founder will create an action plan and become accountable to the expert and their cohort in executing their personalized plan.

For companies that are revenue-generating, but not yet fundable, RiseUp is a ladder: sprints help founders hurdle barriers and prepare for the kind of growth that will attract investors.

Join a RiseUp Sprint, Online.

If you have been accepted into a 1-week program, meet your expert and your fellow founders on the RiseUp private platform to track your tasks, assignments, and goals.

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How to


This isn’t like taking a class to learn the basics of running a business. RiseUp sprints drill down into specialized topics, asking “what’s broken?” in your business model, product, organization or execution. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and be assigned (and complete) homework, while diving deeply into what’s holding back your business. Rise Experts are there to guide you, but they aren’t going to do your job for you. It’s up to you to lead your company to growth as you hypothesize better outcomes and create and execute your plan.

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Here's how it works:

  • Apply to attend the sprint of your choice.
  • You will be accepted or declined for the sprint within a business day.
  • Pay for your ticket before beginning the sprint.
  • Sprint kicks off Monday, ends Friday.
  • Work with the Rise Expert and other peer participants.
  • Do your homework, get expert and peer guidance.
  • Create your own action plan and tasks.
  • Participate in post-mortem sprint follow-up meeting sharing lessons learned.


RiseUp Sprints are accessible to any entrepreneur. Choose a sprint that would help you grow your business, and apply. Prior to starting the sprint, you will need to create a profile in the RiseUp platform and we’ll ask you to complete some basic questions about yourself, your company, and your interests before the program begins. 

Sprints are designed to create tight relationships between founders and the expert. So, we restrict the number of participants to as few as four founders. The sprint participation level varies by topic, so apply early!

RiseUp sprints are not free. Each has a different per-person ticket charge that must be paid in advance. 

Prices range from $50 – $300 per ticket, which covers the 6-hour fee for the expert.

The shared distribution of the consulting fee among you and your sprint cohort peers affords access to top-tier consulting and guidance on how to solve your problem at a bargain price. 

We encourage you to continue working with the RiseUp expert leading your sprint, if the relationship has been amicable and effective. You do not need to go through BoomStartup to continue a relationship with your expert.

The purpose of each sprint is to create a plan to resolve a problem that you’re having. During sprint week, the expert will guide you to a better understanding of the strategy, help with research or root-cause analysis, and then assign tasks or homework that will help you build a workable plan. The homework assignments and any support material will be shared between you and the expert through the RiseUp platform.

The expert will check in on your homework, and have you answer questions, present your situation and your proposed approach to the entire group during an open feedback session.

The last day of the program, you will set up tasks related to your plan and hypothesize on what changes will emerge through implementation. Tasks will be tracked through the RiseUp platform.

BoomStartup will check in on every sprint member and see if you were able to accomplish your goals and execute your plan.

Put simply, the sprint participant does! RiseUp is all about direct education and hands-on execution strategy. You won’t be able to delegate it and the expert won’t do your homework for you. They will make sure that you’re on the right path.

Some sprints will require a little preparation, such as financial information or other business details. If you sign up for one of these sprints, make sure you have the needed materials ready before the first day.

Sprints are designed to run during one week, and the time commitment outside of class will be up to 2 times longer than the actual cohort sessions.

For example, if your cohort sessions are scheduled for 1.5 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you can expect up to 9 hours of prep work.

All RiseUp sprints are held live, over Zoom. You can participate from any location; we ask that you connect on a device that has a camera and screen-sharing capabilities. 

The RiseUp sprint material will be accessible through the RiseUp platform. All Zoom sessions will be recorded and only made available to the cohort participants.

The tasks associated with the sprint will also be tracked on the RiseUp platform.

If a refund request is made before the first day of the sprint session, which is typically Monday, we will refund you 80% of the paid price.

If you request a refund between Monday and before the last day of the sprint week, which is typically Friday, you will be refunded 50% of the fees, and your access to the sprint materials and to the Friday session will be revoked.

No refunds will be granted after the Friday session.

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