ShopHero Expands Service

ShopHero expands grocery delivery into new stores

Provo-based ShopHero recently announced its expansion into stores in 30 different states and three countries. This is in addition to the 18 Utah independent grocers already in ShopHero’s network.

Grocery delivery continues to expand nationwide, and ShopHero helps smaller independent grocers offer the service to their customers.

“ShopHero is empowering local grocers to stay competitive and relevant,” said Josh Ray, ShopHero co-founder. “We’re helping busy families find more time for the important things in life by skipping the weekly grocery store trip. We’re helping the old and sick who can’t make it to the store, and giving them some independence back. And, we’re helping small businesses across the nation to not only compete, but beat the big guys.”

Ray said ShopHero focuses on independent grocers because they are typically run by families, and are very involved in local communities. Studies repeatedly show that people prefer their local retailers over national chains, Ray explained.

“ShopHero is here to give those retailers the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition as the industry evolves and shopper habits change,” Ray said.

Republished from the Daily Herald.