Foundational toolkit for operational excellence.

Over $500,000 in operational tech perks for startup founders.
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  • Airtable - organize everything
  • HubSpot - CRM
  • Brex - Cash management
  • Chargebee - Subscription billing
  • Deel - Global hiring and payroll
  • DialPad - Phone lines, meetings, call center
  • Everee - Employee payment
  • Freshworks - Customer engagement
  • PandaDoc - Proposals, Contracts, eSignatures
  • Vouch - Business Insurance
  • + 10 More

Startup Stack’s mission is to support startups in establishing the foundational toolkit for operational excellence, at exclusive discounts.

There are a lot of tools out there to consider when building a business. The Startup Stack was created to help make choosing a stack easier for founders, by sourcing the best operational tech offers available in one place. We are not a review site; we scour the SaaS ecosystem to uncover the best tools that will help startups scale and succeed. Each member of The Startup Stack is carefully vetted for both the quality of their product and the startup offering they provide.
Each SaaS solution has its own offer, discount and terms. Here’s how to review and redeem them:
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  2. You will be directed to the Startup Stack’s exclusive offer page 
  3. Select and redeem the offer according to the rules


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