Up to 25 stakeholder cap table

ClearList Helping Startups
BoomStartup Exclusive Offer: Free for Year 1, $700 for Year 2
  • Personalized, white glove onboarding
  • Secure document storage
  • Easily build, track and manage
  • ESOP Customizable reporting
  • Independent 409A valuations
  • Vertically integrated with seamless updates  from ClearList’s other offerings
  • Scenario modeling
  • Flexible access controls
  • + More

ClearList Offers Accurate Cap Table Management Made Easy.


ClearList cap table management offers a personalized, white-glove onboarding where your cap table is built directly from your agreements and reconciled to identify any discrepancies.

ClearList offers BoomStartup members a credit of $1,000 towards their first year’s onboarding and annual subscription, preferred pricing of $700 for the second year onwards, and no tiered features, so no surprises. It’s one price until a company raises new funding.