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Add a US business address (both premium and virtual), from anywhere in the world. is dedicated to helping founders from 185 countries easily manage a US-based business. From anywhere, in all 50 states.

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Firstbase helps overseas business owners add a US business address. This is either a monthly or annual subscription where you decide which state to locate your business address, and Firstbase will manage the physical and digital assets the mailbox receives.

Firstbase delivers a great business address and better virtual mailbox.
Manage your business with a unique, physical U.S. address, and a seamless virtual mailbox, accessible anywhere, anytime.

A physical, legal address for your business. From California to New York, choose from one of our convenient addresses to open a bank account, engage local customers, and delight investors and partners.

Business-friendly shipping options built right. No more choosing between limited options. With Firstbase Mailroom™, receive mail and packages from ALL carriers and equip your business the full flexibility it needs to grow.

Digitized physical mail at your fingertips. We’ll manage all your mail and securely convert them into easily viewable, high-resolution PDFs. Decide to scan, forward, shred, or trash as you would an email.

*Firstbase Mailroom is required for new incorporation customers.

Per Month/ Per State
  • Select the state your business physical address will be located in
  • Unlimited incoming mail, scans, recycling
  • Unlimited digital storage
  • Shipping available from all major carriers