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Salt Lake City — PitchUp Three, an open business pitch competition, is accepting applications from entrepreneurs who are improving the future by applying technology-based innovations to solve some of the world’s greatest problems. This program educates founders on how to collect and structure their innovative ideas into a business plan, a product demo, and into a pitch presentation. Entrepreneurs can apply to compete in one of seven categories. Each category finalists and winner will be awarded various cash and services as prizes. A lucky finalist will receive inclusion to Taiwan Startup Terrace Virtual Landing cohort.

Entrepreneurs will be asked a series of questions about their featured innovation and their business. They will also be guided on how to design a business pitch deck and create a 90-second demo video without any professional support. BoomStartup is offering training, mentoring, and templates to support founders in their submission process.

Submissions are accepted at: https://boomstartup.com/pitchup/

Submissions will be accepted through Midnight, March 25, 2022.

Finalists will be announced on April 8, 2022 and the live PitchUp Finals will be broadcasted on April 15, 2022.

Who should apply

  • Founders who are creating a software or hardware enabled product.
  • Companies with Prototypes, MVPs, or Generally Available products.
  • Companies who have earned less than $250,000 USD in 2021 with their featured innovation.

Competition categories


Entrepreneurs are asked to select a category to compete in when they begin the application process.

  • Climate and Sustainability: Seeking innovations that are solving climate change, energy sourcing, or creating a more sustainable global environment.
  • Education and Intelligence: Seeking innovations that improve either personal understanding, educational process, or societal outcomes leveraging connectivity and creativity.
  • Health and Wellness: Seeking innovations that are advancing physical, mental, or spiritual well-being.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Seeking innovations that improve inventory management, delivery, shipments, and operations, globally.
  • Enterprise Solutions: Seeking innovations that uplevel business productivity, mechanisms, efficiencies either through applications, data management, communications, connectivity.
  • Finance: Seeking innovations that improve economic standings either through banking, payments, investments, wealth management, or financial coverage.
  • Digital Toolkits: technology that enables faster and better digital development, security improvements, contribution, monetization, or platform performance.


The winner of each category will receive $5,000 value in business services from BoomStartup and the sponsors plus $1,000 in cash. The total value of all awards exceeds $42,000 USD.

Additionally, a finalist who intends to penetrate the Taiwanese market will be selected to participate in the Taiwan Startup Terrace Virtual Landing Program to provide a gateway to the Asian market.

Publicly viewing PitchUp Three Finals

The public may watch the top three finalists identified in each category compete against each other during a live broadcast on April 15, 2022. Register for free tickets at: https://boomstartup.com/pitchup3-view-registration/ 

Watching PitchUp Finals is a fantastic way to see the leading innovations and their business plan, to inspire further innovation and connection. 

PitchUp Sponsors

We thank the following companies for contributing to our program

Assure – a leading Special Purpose Vehicle provider in North America

Stoel Rives – a leading US corporate and litigation law firm providing high-quality services to sophisticated business clients at every stage of their evolution.

Now CFO – provides financial visibility to make smarter decisions.


Outcode – provides innovative software solutions to help startups grow.

Freshwater Advisors – national venture catalyst firm connecting corporations to startups.

The Influential Voice – training to improve the quality of your voice in order to fully engage people and influence outcomes.

Lateral Solutions – providing operational excellence in HR and accounting.

Taiwan Startup Terrace – A Taiwanese government supported startup hub creating gateways into the Asian market.