Utah Legislation Votes Pro-Entrepreneurs

Utah Supports Early-Stage Entrepreneurs and Investors with Legislation Passage Championed by Assure that Removes Blue Sky Fees for Investment Rounds up to $500,000.

  • Utah House Bill 335: “Investment Fees Amendments” passed with no dissenting votes in either the House or Senate and signed by Governor Spencer Cox March 17, took effect May 5, 2021
  • Assure, pioneering provider of comprehensive, cost-effective private investment structuring and management services, will champion corresponding legislation to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in states throughout the U.S.
  • The legislation, which removes all state Blue Sky filing fees for investment deals of $500,000 and under, was signed by Governor Cox on March 21, and became effective on May 5, 2021.

Assure is the parent company of BoomStartup Accelerator, and continuously supports startups on their path to success by easing the experience of raising capital. This also permits more raised capital to go to the startups instead of the government.

Assure is the creator and leading global provider of affordable investment entities–most notably “special purpose vehicles” (SPVs), investment entities that enable investors to pool their resources to invest in startup companies. Since the time of its launch in 2012, Assure has transformed the venture investment landscape by radically reducing the cost and time required to establish and manage an SPV (“special purpose vehicle”) investment entity.