Vutiliti Launches HotDrop a Revolutionary Energy Monitoring Device

Vutiliti Launches HotDrop a Revolutionary Energy Monitoring Device

Vutiliti (pronounced “view-tility”), a Utah company, unveiled its revolutionary new device called “HotDrop” at the Solar Power International trade show in Las Vegas earlier this month. HotDrop is an affordable energy monitoring device that installs in seconds and provides real-time energy load information wirelessly over great distances, solving the greatest pain points of energy monitoring.

“The response from the energy industry is extraordinary,” says Steve Ellis, CEO of Vutiliti. “Monitoring electricity usage at any level has traditionally required electricians and time-consuming installations with expensive equipment. HotDrop has changed everything about that, and the industry leaders instantly recognized these amazing benefits for their bottom lines.”

The HotDrop, at the size of a 9-volt battery, fits anywhere and is powered through a unique and patent-pending approach that requires no batteries or wiring to install it. With a typical installation time of less than 10 seconds, and a real-time, long-range wireless communication system that transmits miles away, HotDrop is designed for the toughest environments where reliability, real-time information, and distance are vital. A HotDrop device is configured in seconds through Vutiliti’s mobile app.

HotDrop uses the latest encryption technology to ensure privacy of data, and Vutiliti’s web and mobile apps provide real-time visualizations of energy loads, as well as forecasted trends and usage alerts. With advanced features like wireless 3-phase teaming and occupancy detection built-in, commercial businesses can measure building usage more precisely to reduce operational expenses.

Vutiliti has signed agreements with several of the top global solar and battery manufacturers for direct integration with their inverters. These new integrations will enable quick and transparent installations for monitoring utility grid energy, and will provide data fast enough for inverters to comply with zero export energy restrictions found in some states and countries. The benefits are a lowered cost of solar installations, compliance with strict renewable energy laws, and a better experience for the end-customer with real-time feedback on their energy usage.

Vutiliti is an end-to-end solution company that includes utility data collection, data analysis, visualization, forecasting, real-time alerting and consumption reduction guidance. The company has hardware and software solutions that are designed for both residential and commercial applications.

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